TRIACONTANOL the powder chemical for use by hobbyist, growers and enthusiasts for a whole range of different plant types



Triacontanol for use by growers and hobbyists to grow better plants

  Triacontanol for hobbyists and gardeners to improve their plant growth

Plant enthusiasts are often quick to adopt techniques used in commercial horticulture to improve the plants they grow. By looking at how the professionals achieve good results, this can be a great motivator to adapt their own conditions and techniques to grow better plants.

Hobbyists and the home grower have one big advantage over the commercial nurseries. This is namely that they can spend large amounts of time on grooming and tending to individual plants. This can result in magnificent specimen plants that have been grown over many years.

Now anyone can make use of the chemical triacontanol to improve plant growth. Available in small volume it is well suited to the hobbyist grower.

We would suggest in combination with a suitable plant fertiliser that triacontanol is a good way to achieve improved growth and flowering in many plant types. Always ensure that your plants are growing well and vigorously to achieve the best results.

Look out for bigger and thicker leaves on many plants.

Look out for better branching

Look out for better flower production.


Some growers will also combine triacontanol with the chemical gibberellic acid. This combination can achieve better branching and larger plant height in some plants. It can lead to bigger plants if correctly applied.