TRIACONTANOL the powder chemical for plants growing by hydroponics or by nutrient film techniques (NFT)



Triacontanol is a potent plant growth regulator used in horticulture


Triacontanol is a powerful plant growth regulator that can improve growth rates of plants grown by hydroponics or nutrient film techniques. It can make bigger and bushier plants with higher growth rates and larger crop yields.


Triacontanol application can be either as a foliar spray or as an additive to the general feed tanks.

Hydroponics growers are familiar with a range of additives to their growing systems, but here the powder chemical gives an opportunity of closer regulation and customisation according to plant growth required.

The chemical triacontanol can be used as simple additive or in combination with Gibberellic acid which is also offered by ourselves. See Gibb Acid GA3

There are numerous publications indicating the benefit of triacontanol in improving plants growth and yield allied to its activity as a photosynthesis enhancer.

The combination of high nutrient levels and supra-optimal environmental conditions can produce remarkable increases in yields in a range of crops.

The chemical Triacontanol, is used in commercial horticulture to improve plant growth worldwide. As a photosynthesis enhancer it increases plant growth in combination with a number of other plant growth regulating actions.

Plant growth regulator Triacontanol used on plants

  • Increase plant or crop yield.

  • Enhance photosynthesis and plant metabolism.

  • Induce the production of flower buds and flowering.

  • Allow the production of bigger leaves, and bigger root system.

  • Increase cell growth in roots, and used to produce thicker foliage and flowers.

  • Production of robust plants more resistant to disease and pathogens.

  • Increase basal branching of rosette plants, and allow more basal breaks.

  • Improve establishment and growth of young plants produced from cuttings, seed or plugs.

  • Used to help plants suffering nutrient and growth deficiencies.


For easy use of triacontanol and Hydoponics. We would recommend the use of our Triaboost. See details on our Triaboost page.

Triaboost adds additional triacontanol to standard Hydro Fertiliser Brands to improve crops and yields. Boost your growth with Triaboost! Feeding with Triaboost is very easy and you will get great results.

For hydroponic feeding add a tube of Triaboost to your bottle of feed or direct to your resevoir to make a 250 litre tank.


Triaboost for Hydroponic tanks.

x1 tube (10ml) Triaboost / 250 litres resevoir + your Hydroponic feed.

1ml Triaboost / 25 litres dilution. or 10ml Triaboost / 250 litres.

Triaboost is supplies as 10ml tube. A mixture of fully dissolved triacontanol and micro nutrients. None of these products will register on a conductivity meter. So feed at your standard conductivity or fertiliser dilutions.

Leading Hydroponic Nutrient Brands are often made up to 250 litres. A 10ml Triaboost tube matches this volume. Safely mixes and will not cause any sedimentation, Will not form 'gypsum' and mixes safely with fertilisers that contain soluble Silicon.

Many of our customers report noticeable increased growth and yields from their plants from simply adding Triaboost into their growing regime.